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Read our FAQs to learn more about PassWatch.

  • Super effective password manager
  • Secured by AES-256 encryption
  • Saves you up to 52 hours of time per year
  • Secure Me feature – secure all your accounts on all devices with one simple click from any one of your devices, wipe your browser history remotely

Absolutely not! Each of your passwords and accounts is encrypted using your Master Password. That’s why we don’t store your Master Password on our data servers. So if we look at your passwords and accounts, we only see random numbers and letters.

It’s the key to your account. You are the only person who has access to your PassWatch account. So make sure your Master Password is long and unique to help keep it safe.

It is used to unlock all the content you saved in PassWatch. For security reasons, it is not stored anywhere on our servers. If you are unable to remember your password at all, we can reset your account.

Important: Resetting your Master Password will cause all your data to be deleted. This is the only way to use PassWatch again with the same email address. Your Master Password should be 6 or more characters long. Be careful that your caps lock key is not active on your keyboard when you enter it.

In Secure Notes you can store top-secret keys to software, wi-fi passwords, router settings, secrets or whatever else you like. We keep them safe, private, and accessible to only you. To make it easy you can add new categories for your notes by going to the Tools menu. You can also give different colors to your notes to make them easier to identify.

Every password is encrypted locally on your computer, before going anywhere near our servers, so IF hackers get into our system they will only get pages of random letters and numbers without your key to decipher them. That means you and your details are always safe. The only thing you have to do is to remember your Master Password.

With our Secure Me feature, you can logout remotely from PassWatch on your computer, phone or tablet. You can also logout remotely from all websites you are logged in to, or clear your browser history with a few clicks. It is very handy if you leave your computer unlocked at work, at school or anywhere else.

If you still have any questions, please send us a message here.